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Newborn Photoshoots

We strive to make your newborn shoot as simple and worry free as possible. For the best results during your session please avoid feeding your newborn for two hours prior to the shoot. Please feed them once you have arrived so that they will be comfortable, calm, and at maximum relaxation for their photo session.

In Home Option

We bring our photo set up to you. We can bring out backdrops and lights or create a more lifestyle type shoot depending on your preference. Don’t worry about any mess or shortage of space at your home since the shoot does not require much space.

Prop Ideas

Bringing blocks, scarves, flower petals, stuffed animals, comfortable blankets, baskets, hats, or anything sentimental for your baby is recommended. Bring more outfits than you need incase we have extra time or in case we have any accidents

Tips For Mom

Have a towel nearby in case clean up is necessary. Try to relax during the photo shoot since the baby can pick up on your energy. Features change slightly after the first twelve days of life, so try to schedule your shoot within that timeframe to capture their unique, early-life stage. If permitted, we like to photograph mom and dad with the baby as well, so keep that in mind. Hair and make-up services are offered prior to the shoot upon request.

Maturity Photography

When envisioning your ideal shoot location, consider if scenic, natural background or more urban settings suits you best. If privacy is of concern we can do a private session at a local wedding venue, as we have relationships with many around town. Having portraits of your self during this special life event will make for treasured mementos later in life.

Prop Ideas

Flower crowns, sheer or flowing dresses, wedding dress and veil (makes for a fun tongue and cheek picture trying to fit back in) baby shoes, ultrasound pictures, giant balloon/balloons, chalkboard, blocks and toys for the baby are all recommended. Often moms want to feel pampered and at their best, so we recommend getting a hair and makeup artist prior to shooting. If you don’t have a preferred stylist we can provide one.

Tips for Mom-to-Be

Depending on the outfits, bringing a strapless bra or seamless underwear and lingerie is encouraged. Matching outfits with your partner can make for a sweet photo. Multiple outfits for both are recommended. Pets are part of the family too, so if you want to include them that’s fine. It is perfectly fine to bring along a friend or in-law as well to help calm you, carry props or deal with any hair or wardrobe issues that may arise. Ideally 28 to 36 weeks is the best time to get pictures taken, while mom can remain comfortable yet still have that glowing full term look. Consider this your first family photo with your upcoming addition, and have fun with it!